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Our Forward Thinking

Vacuum Motor-Free Vacuum

Quietness? Check. Vacuum motor? Forget about it! Our revolutionary system utilises two high speed, hardy brushes to toss up dust and dirt, allowing for significantly quieter cleaning with better results—and improved air quality, anywhere our LeoVac rolls.

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World-Beating Autonomous Cleaning

Superior Cleaning Performance

Longer battery life, unique, patent-pending cleaning mechanisms, better dryness… our LeoBots deliver industry-leading cleaning performance—and we just keep getting better.

Nimble and Flexible

Our LeoBot’s sleek and compact design aren’t just for looks—it allows for greater mobility and a tighter turning radius, for better cleaning in tight corners and traversing smaller entrances.

Always Presentable

Meet the cleaning robots that brighten up any space! With beautiful design and an affable personality, our LeoBots are always presentable, allowing for non-intrusive cleaning people will love to see.

Powerful Sensor Network

Powered by a comprehensive network of lidars, depth cameras and 5 sonars, our LeoBots are able to traverse high traffic areas with active obstacle tracking and adapt to changing environments—perfect for both day and night cleaning.

Sustainable and Efficient

Smart energy management makes for sustainable robots like no other, with just 2 hours of charge time enabling up to 10 hours of continuous cleaning—while being more durable, easily recyclable, and requiring up to 80 times less water usage.




Zero vacuum-motor means below
55db of noise—for fuss-free,
better vacuuming.


10 Hours
Run Time

Breathe easy with 10 hours of
continuous cleaning—resulting in
cleaner air thanks to our in-built
HEPA filter.


Cleaning Power

With powerful brushes that really dig
in to release dust and dirt, you've
never seen a clean quite like this.

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