The DNA of LionsBot

The distinctive characteristics of our LionsBot robots are proudly boosted by Lions Operating System (LionsOS) – the software that empowers our robots for optimal performance. Using cutting-edge technology in artificial intelligence, we focus on building a pleasant user experience while placing a strong emphasis on total safety, total security and total solutions from the ground up.

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Be Worry Free
with LionsBot
Cleaning Robots

LionsOS-empowered cleaning robots free you from constant maintenance concerns as our cloud infrastructure allows us to

Operate Robots Anywhere, Anytime via LionsClean App

Provide 24/7 Cloud Service Support

Receive A Compiled Report

Manage Robots Tracking

Share Real-time Updates to Monitor Cleaning Progress

We Optimise
Cleaning Efficiency

Activated by Active AI Technology

The innovation that propels LionsBot robots - Active AI forms the foundation to provide the outstanding functions of our connected robots - which translates to the high productivity results we seek to achieve for your business.

Easy Deployment
  • Path planning optimised through analysis of big data

  • Self-assign roles by the autonomous cleaning robots via teamwork and collaboration

Competent Scheduling
  • Able to activate and auto call for respective scheduled robots to perform their tasks

  • Self-learn to improve scheduling

Effective Monitoring
  • Compilation of all robots’ reports into one comprehensive summary

  • Constantly monitors and reports robots’ performance and condition via predictive analysis

Improved Productivity
  • Unrivalled high speed mapping and contextual mapping

  • Only need to map every place once for data to be shared across all robots

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