Our Roots

The Lion's Pride

Our company draws our strength and talents from the island of Singapore where we are based. We are the first Singapore-developed
and Singapore-manufactured robot built for mass deployment locally and globally. We follow the country's ideals of meritocracy and her never-ending strive for perfection. The country's unique blend of cultures, ideas and people create the perfect space for a growing
robotics company.

Talents In Singapore

Commitment To Excellence

The highly competitive and changing landscape in Singapore pushes us to always be our best and produce the best.

Meritocracy and Progress

Singaporeans are rewarded for their hard work and we recognize talent and dedication.

Melting Pot of Talent

The cosmopolitan city of Singapore attracts the best talent around the world so we can learn from each other to create better products.

Education In Singapore

Top Quality Education

Singapore offers some of the best universities in Asia according to the Quacquarelli Symonds World University Rankings with The National University of Singapore in the top spot. The strong emphasis on math and science also provide the optimal conditions to produce well-trained engineers.

The SUTD Standard

Institutions such as Singapore University of Technology and Design take this one step further by focusing on a project driven curriculum to produce graduates with strong analytical and problem solving skills.


An Organised People

Products are very well made in Singapore. Singapore has a reputation for quality. Our exports are well regarded around the world.

Thorough and Meticulous

With limited resources on our island, we act with utmost care and deliberation when it comes to our resources. The same attitude is channeled into our work.

Intellectual Property Protection

Singapore's dedication to the protection of Intellectual Property allows local inventors to thrive and produce their best work without fear.