Leobots are designed to have personality and human-like response, and work as a fully-coordinated, fully-autonomous team for enhanced productivity and improved cleaning results.

Meet the family

Designed for all-purpose cleaning and interaction

Nimble-Tec platform

Scrub is designed for all types of facilities. Its slim 63cm width and 87cm turning radius - the world's smallest for professional cleaning robots, makes it perfect for most doors and tight turns.


Double cleaning capacity and reach with half the water and power usage of current professional cleaning robots.


Ensures accurate and precise movement and path following.


Leaves much drier floors than current solutions.


The quitest professional cleaning
robot at only 60dB.


Faster and more consistent than current generation cleaning robots.

Multiple Cleaning Modes

With manual, auto, solo and team cleaning modes, Scrub offers flexibility for different facilities and situations.

Schedule & Clean

Easily instruct your robots to clean when you want. This is the default mode of operation.

Point & Clean

Select sections on your map and send your robot on the way to clean, perfect for ad hoc situations.

Teleoperate & Clean

Control scrub remotely for delicate operations.

Mingle Mode

Scrub's friendly design is popular with the public, mingle mode allows people to interact with Scrub.


Link Scrub up with other Leobots for full-scale cleaning operations.

Z Water

Leobots are the first robots in the world to clean with Z Water, a highly effective residue free chemical that is both safe and enviromentally friendly.


The homepods are where Leobots go to rest. The pod is self docking, automatically charges leobots, refills clean water and discharges waste water.

Safety Features


Advanced sensors help Scrub to avoid ground objects like glass and avoid cliffs and sharp drops.

Smart Algorithms

Special algorithms programme Scrub to avoid or go around humans and objects, and adjust speed depending on distance from people or objects.

Physical Design

Scrub is also equipped with soft bumpers, an emergency stop button and clear lights and sounds to avoid collisions with people.

Battery Safety

Our batteries are equipped with advanced battery management systems to protect them from damage. Active AI monitors also moderate the use of batteries efficiently to prolong battery life.

Advanced Security

Our communication software and cloud was designed from the ground up with encrypted communications to prevent hacking.