Business owners, public, users and building contractors love our robots as they are painstakingly developed to suit different cleaning requirements. We develop a wide range of specialised cleaning robots to cater for the various cleaning needs.

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Created to be engaging, LionsBot cleaning robots are injected with personalities via their emotional responses, such as through their expressive eyes and voices. Our humanised robots also embody Singaporean traits; for instance, friendliness, diligence and efficiency which are reflected via the interactive features and high productivity.

Class Leading Safety Features

LionsBot has a well-planned and comprehensive approach to building safe cleaning robots. From the physical design, to the advanced sensors and special mechanisms, they are all thoughtfully devised and incorporated to minimise any unsafe situations from arising.

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Easy to Use

Control of our cleaning robots is highly simple, through selection of the pre-set cleaning modes via our LionsClean mobile app. Upon finishing their assigned duties, the smart robots self-dock and auto charge, preparing themselves in ready mode at all times.

Clean Faster

Our cleaning robots are great team players. All of them can be linked and assigned to work together. Smart cleaning is achieved via data sharing among the robots for full-scale cleaning operations, or to get the cleaning completed at a faster time.

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Rent our robots at an affordable rental rate.

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