Built for Performance
Designed to suit the demands for all types of facilities.

Highly MobileNimble with small footprint. Able to access most doorways.

Extremely SafeWell-integrated sensors that detect and avoid obstacles.

Powerful ControlPrecise control of speed and movement.

LeoBot Family

LeoBots, our floor-cleaning robots, are a family comprising of 4 different models. Each of them is made to perform a specific task so as to achieve maximum efficiency in its cleaning operation.

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Scrubbing expert. Uses up to 70% less water with high cleaning results.

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Vacuum genius. With optional HEPA filter for cleaner air.

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Silent mopper. Leaves behind much drier floors.

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Small but strong worker. Able to pull 450kg.

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LeoPod Family

LeoPods, equivalent to Ride On cleaning machine, are deliberately made to be nimble so as to conveniently operate in indoor surroundings.

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LeoPod X Family

LeoPods X are all-weather proof with built-in ability to navigate in outdoor environments, such as climbing up and down car park ramps and over humps.

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More Families Coming Soon

We have painstakingly developed different tribes of robots to suit different cleaning needs, with the first tribe - the floor-cleaning tribe to be fully launched by end of the year.