Dylan Ng Terntzer

CEO & Co-Founder, LionsBot International

Dylan Ng, 42, is co-founder and CEO of LionsBot International and SuperSteam Asia Pacific. He is a graduate of Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Shortly after graduating, he founded SuperSteam together with his partner in life and business, Michelle Seow. Dylan is also director of Advanced Biochem Research, a shareholder in a chemical factory in Foshan, China.

Together, since 2002, they have built up SuperSteam from scratch to become Singapore’s leading professional cleaning equipment and chemicals supplier with a dominant market share in indoor machines, chemicals and consumables. SuperSteam imports from over 15 countries worldwide and is at the very forefront of cleaning technology.

Passionate about cleaning technology, Dylan travels over 20 times a year in his pursuit of the latest industry technology. He then imports the most advanced cleaning equipment and technology to Singapore from as far afield as the USA, Japan, Scandanavia, Australia, China and Europe.