Designed and manufactured in Singapore, LeoRay is LionsBot’s latest UV-C disinfection robot innovation. Rapid transmission of viruses during epidemics such as the recent COVID-19 outbreak is a critical public health crisis not just for the healthcare sectors but major public premises like commercial buildings, public transports and transport terminals, etc.

Deploying LeoRay to disinfect surfaces by high concentration UV-C radiation offers tremendous risk reduction of exposure to virus infections and prevents viral transmissions.

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Key Features

Built to disinfect autonomously with proven results.

Touchless Control (App driven)

Enables off-site operation to disinfect remote area.

Fully Autonomous

Does not need an operator to accompany the robot to infected zone.

High Kill Rates

Effective against MRSA at 2.5m. Kills 99.99% viruses, germs and bacteria.

Map / Mapless Operation

Offers various disinfection modes in different scenarios.

Superior UV-C Coverage Area

LeoRay’s low base allows low floor disinfection coverage area.

Cost Efficiency

Achieves improved productivity and disinfection quality which leads to cost savings.

Multi Robot Control via LionsClean App

Enables operator to control LeoRays and LeoBots via a single mobile app.

Long Operating Hours

Able to operate 2.5hrs of UV-C, up to 20 hours on standby mode.

LeoRay Disinfection Journey


Operator starts LeoRay and begins localisation – fully controlled via LionsClean App.

Task Deployment

LeoRay autonomously moves to selected Disinfection Zone and activates UV-C after operator completes the safety check.

Continuous Deployment Task

Operator remotely deploys LeoRay to next Disinfection Zone to disinfect other required zones.

Completion of Disinfection Zones

Robot sends notification to operator after tasks are completed. Operator then sends the robot back for charging to prepare for next deployment.

LeoRay Technicial Features

Dimensions (LxBxH)

850 x 700 x 1750 mm



Power Source

Lithium Iron Phosphate

Disinfecting Time

Up to 2.5 Hours (Battery Mode)

Charging Time

2 Hours

UV-C Technology

4 x Proprietary Amalgamated U-Tubes

UV-C Wavelength


Operating Mode

Fully Autonomous or Remote Control Mapped or Mapless

Movement Speed

4.3 km/h (adjustable)


4G / Wifi

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