R3 Scrub Pro

Pro Cleaning, Made Easy

Makes heavy-duty cleaning possible even in tight spaces in airports, supermarkets and healthcare establishments

  • 1800

    Avg. Cleaning Efficiency
  • 21

    Tank Capacity

Zero-Click Cleaning With MagicTag.

Anyone can start cleaning by just pushing the R3 Scrub Pro to the MagicTag.

The R3 Scrub Pro. Pro Cleaning, Made Easy.

Patent Pending Single Pass Squeegee

With an improved airflow design, the squeegee leaves floors super dry, after the toughest of scrubs. Magnet driven design ensures complete safety and serviceability.

Great Brush Pressure

With a 7 kg downward pressure, and brush options for a wide range of floor types, the R3 Scrub Pro delivers professional grade cleaning in the tightest spaces.

Eliminate Pre-Sweeping

With the addition of two-side brushes, the R3 Scrub Pro effectively pushes in debris from even the edges - eliminating the need for pre-sweeping.

The R3 Scrub Pro eliminates pre-sweeping with its cylindrical brushes and two side brushes delivering 0cm edge cleaning results. Users can choose between different brushes and pressure settings – option of various brushes and microfibre rollers delivering up to 8kg downward force – to ensure optimal strength is applied to effectively clean any stain or grime without harming the surface.

Automatic Mode

Hands-free autonomous cleaning and self- docking with just a few taps

Clean With MagicTag

Choose the right map, localise the robot, with the perfect cleaning settings in a single push to the tag

Refuel Station

Runs schedules fully autonomously. Return to charge and continue cleaning for the best results possible.

Multiple Control Options

Keep complete control with 3 easy options: a high-definition touch-screen, a manual cleaning mode, and lastly launch through our LionsClean app!

Long Lasting Performance

Effortlessly clean for 3 hours on a single charge, and get right back to cleaning with a quick 2-hour recharge time.

Designed for Sustainability

With office friendly noise levels and low water, power consumption - the R3 Scrub Pro was built with sustainability in mind.



Length 635 mm / 25”
Width 570 mm / 22.4”
Height 828 mm / 32.6"
Cleaning Width 366 mm / 14.4” (w/o side brush)
682 mm / 26.9” (w/ side brush)
Squeegee Width 591 mm / 23.3”
Brush Pressure Up to 7 kg / 15.4 lbs
Clean Water Tank Capacity 21 L / 5.5 gal
Waste Water Tank Capacity 24 L / 6.3 gal
Debris Hopper Capacity 0.45 L / 0.1 gal
Max. Cleaning Speed 0.6 - 1 m/s / 1.3 - 2.2 mph
Max. LiDAR Coverage 25 m / 82 ft
120 m / 393.7 ft (optional 3D LiDAR)
Avg. Practical Efficiency 350 - 800 m²/hr
3,767.4 - 8,611.1 ft²/hr
Max. Theoretical Efficiency 790 - 1,317 m²/hr
8,508 - 14,184 ft²/hr
Max. Run Time 2 - 3 hrs
Avg. Charging Time 2 hrs
Avg. Sound 71 dB
Optional Accessories Refuel Station, Charging Station, Brushes: Cylindrical Brushes ( Soft, Standard, Hard ), Side Brushes, Primothane/Linatex Squeegee Blades, 3D LiDAR, MagicTag

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