Proudly made in Singapore, LionsBot cleaning robots are 100% Singaporeans through and through. Each of them is a cleaning specialist, yet all charged with the same purpose to ease human-intensive cleaning workforce with efficient technologies.

Draw Crowds

More than just cleaning, LionsBot robots are crowd minglers that bring joy and delight. They are able to inform, entertain, and even exchange a simple conversation with you upon activated via QR code.

Assist Cleaners

LionsBot robots support the existing cleaning crew with manual work while enabling them to perform supervisory duties. As the robots never get tired and never get distracted, they ensure greater cleaning consistency.

Cleaning Modes

With versatile cleaning modes, our cleaning robots are able to cater to different facilities and situations. Users have the option to let the robot operate by itself or in a team; and in manual or automatic mode.


All LionsBot robots are built with Active AI – our in-house technology that enables the robot to operate safely on its own. We are in full control of the software and able to customise the cleaning solutions to suit requirements.

24/7 Cloud Support

Every single aspect of LionsBot robots are created in-house. There is no fear of faulty machines or lack of spare parts.

Discover LionsOS

LionsOS is the driving force behind all our robots. A proprietary solution that is exclusively created for LionsBot, the state-of-the-art homegrown technology determines the capabilities and competencies of our robots. Are you ready to be impressed?

Meet the Makers

LionsBot Mavericks – these are the people that LionsBot has assembled to form an incredible team of innovative talents who are not contented with just being ordinary. Toying with cleaning robotic technology is what we do daily, dreaming up possibilities and seeking breakthroughs relentlessly.

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