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What are our LeoBot’s safety features? Will a LeoBot trigger an emergency stop if it detects a safety risk?
Leobots have two types of safety features: Software-based & Hardware-based

Software-based safety features rely on lidars, sonars, and computer vision to detect obstacles, human movement and avoid/stop accordingly. When a software-based safety situation is resolved, the LeoBot can autonomously resume its operation.

Hardware-based safety features include the emergency stop button, safety bumper ,and electronic brake. In the event that any of the hardware-based safety features is triggered, all moving parts of the robots will be stopped immediately and can be only resumed with user intervention to ensure complete safety. The user will be notified via the app regarding which safety feature was triggered.

As an additional security feature, our robots also cannot be used or moved without logging into the LionsClean App using an individual’s unique user ID and password.
How does the LeoScrub clean floors?
Our LeoScrub uses two disc brush brushes or pads to provide powerful cleaning results, with different types of brushes and pads available to suit different floor conditions. The robot uses up to 50kg of cleaning pressure to clean stubborn dirt and stains from the floor, while the squeegee is designed to slide outside the robot during turns to ensure no water is left behind—leaving a super dry, effective clean.

The LeoScrub has a 21L freshwater tank and a 25L recovery tank, and achieves good cleaning results while using less water (< 6L/hour)—allowing the robot to run for up to 5 hours on a single 2-hour charge.
How does the LeoMop clean floors?
Our LeoMop uses a patent-pending cleaning mechanism that delivers dual stages of cleaning. Firstly, a nylon mop roller scrubs the floor to remove dirt and stains, of which the solid material is removed from the roller and collected in a debris tray. Secondly, dirty water is squeezed from the roller and sucked into the recovery tank. The LeoMop also comes equipped with a secondary mop pad, ensuring no dirty water trails are left behind, leaving the floor dry.

The proprietary design allows for very little water and power usage compared to other conventional cleaning machines, up to 80 times less water in fact, and lasting up to 10 hours on a single charge.
How does the LeoPull work?
The LeoPull is designed to be used for a variety of applications with up to 450kg of pulling power on a straight floor, like lugging waste bins or cleaning supplies across large spaces such as airports, shopping malls, hospitals, etc.

The default LeoPull configuration comes with an additional E-stop, safety beacon, and a customisable push button, however the payload trolley can be totally customised based on the site requirements and limitations.
How does the LeoVac clean floors?
The LeoVac is equipped with a patent-pending, dual cylindrical brush mechanism that sweeps dirt into a two-stage debris tray, separated by the weight of the dirt. It uses a high airflow suction to trap all the lighter dirt and dust particles into a 23L bag, equipped with both a pre and post HEPA filter.

Due to the two stage cleaning, the robot uses a lower power suction, allowing it to be super quiet (55db) and last for up to 10 hours on a single charge.
What battery do our LeoBots use?
Our LeoBots use a 24V LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries) due to their safety and thermal stability, making them safe to use over long periods of operation.
What are the dimensions of our LeoBots?
Our family of LeoBots utilise the same chassis, hence they have a universal set of dimensions:

Length: 83cm
Width: 63cm
Height: 116cm
Robot weight during transport: 140kg
Robot weight during cleaning: 160kg
What are our LeoBot’s operating time between charges?
Across our LeoBot range, charge time is an exceptional 2 hours, with operating time varying depending on cleaning operation.

Operating time:
LeoScrub – Up to 5 hours
LeoMop – Up to 10 hours
LeoVac – Up to 10 hours
LeoPull – Up to 20 hours
Do LeoBots require additional sets of batteries?
No, just one will do! Our LeoBots are fast charging and super efficient, with class leading running time. That means you can charge the LeoMop just twice in a day and have it running for the remaining 20 hours!

What is the water or dust capacity of our LeoBots?
LeoScrub & LeoMop:
Recovery tank: 25L
Solution tank: 21L
Refillable pouch: 1L

Debris Tray: 2.3L
Vacuum Tank: 23L

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