World-Beating Cleaning Technology — Our Obsession.

Our Technology

Our team of engineers builds everything in-house with pride and precision. Manufactured specifically for LionsBot, our systems were created for exceptional cleaning robots — nothing else.

human centered Design

Lowest water usage:
The LeoMop

Our LeoMop uses 80 times less water vs manual scrubbers — or just 600ml per hour — because every drop counts.

Longest Running Time:
The Leovac

Smart energy management makes for sustainable robots like no other, with just 2 hours of charge time enabling up to 10 hours of continuous cleaning.

Unique Personality:
The R3

A powerful and personable robot, the R3 Scrub’s large display allows for greater interactivity with guests and cleaners—a cleaning assistant that brings smiles, wherever it rolls.

The highest efficiency:

The Rex has up to 80kg of scrubbing power and its a cleaning powerhouse! With two highly-efficient 16-inch brushes the power is distributed over a larger surface area, maximising its cleaning speed and efficiency.

One Ecosystem

Control multiple, unique Robots—with just the touch of a button. All robots can work together and split the tasks to get the work done faster making sure you never have to worry about cleaning floors again!


Uncompromising safety through better design—using a sophisticated sensor network and active tracking technology to identify and avoid moving and stationary obstacles during cleaning. Complete safety, every clean.


Enhanced Data Privacy

We abide by prevailing GDPR and international privacy laws, ensuring accountability and security.

Advanced User Authentication

Our two-factor authentication process ensures that only a registered cleaner with a password can access our LeoBots.

everything you need in the palm of your hand.

Each Robot is connected online to get real time updates. Check & setup your cleaning schedule, get analytics of cleaning done and control your entire robot from the palm of your hand!

easy to use

An interface designed to be intuitive and easy to use, for all ages. 5 minutes is all it takes for anyone to become a cleaning superhero

detailed analytics

Want to know how much our robots clean, and at what time? Our app comes with detailed analytical capabilities in-built, giving you a complete breakdown of every point of a robot’s day.

Complete Control

From scheduling cleaning routes to requesting your robots to meet you at the lift, enjoy complete control over your fleet of robots with just one click.

Live Notifications

Need to be elsewhere? No problem! Get real-time notifications and updates on your robots cleaning progress, breakdown status and even live tracking—so you’ll always know what your favourite cleaning robots are up to.

Remote Control

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all cleaning solution—that’s why we’ve built powerful controls into our app, giving the cleaner full control over movement, brush speed, pressure, water usage, squeegee and so much more. Just tap and let our robots do its magic—no shoving or pushing required!

lionscloud your command centre in the cloud

Live monitoring

Get a bird’s eye view of your fleet with real-time tracking keeping you in the loop all the time.

remote servicing

Our cloud-based platform enables us to instantly control cleaning power, run diagnostics and more, wherever you are.

easy user management

Reward your cleaners with ease! See full cleaner profiles featuring usage hours or activity. Add more users whenever you need to.

one convenient location

Everything you need and more, in one, easy-to-navigate place! Simply tap and access what you need, when you need it.

complete fleet control

One robot? Try fifty. Get complete control over a fleet of powerful cleaning robots with just one app.

maps made easy

Edit and access previously created maps with ease. Get your LeoBots up and running easily – saving time, money, and effort.

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