the R12 rex scrub

The king of cleans

Built for large areas with larger water capacity & more cleaning power!

  • 5-6

    Running Time
  • 810

    Cleaning Width
  • 80

    brush pressure

My Rex and I clean huge areas

While the rex cleans,

i can focus on my customers

By finding ways to remove the strain from a cleaners job. At Lionsbot, we design, build, and program our cleaning robots for one purpose — making a cleaner’s job better.

Meet the Rex.your ultimate large-scale cleaning solution.

200m Lidar

Longest range lidar coverage to clean huge areas without getting lost.

6 hours
run time

6 hour runtime on eco-mode for increased coverage area! That’s twice as long as competitors.

81cm cleaning

Clean more & clean faster with enlarge cleaning width

Every king needs a throne, and when it comes to the Rex, that seat of power recharges, empties the waste water tank, and refills the solution tank all on its own—a whole new level of convenience.

Made For Durability and Reliability!

Eliminate Hard Stains

Delivering up to 80kg of unadulterated scrubbing power to remove the toughest of stains!

Cleans Super Fast

With a tight turning radius, the Rex delivers class-leading nimbleness, able to traverse a large variety of locations, from cramped warehouses to full carparks.


Made with only the best materials, we have full confidence in the make and build quality of the Rex! Proudly built in Singapore to our stringent and exacting standards.

Avoid Obstacles

Comprising of many sensors from Lidar(Light Sensor) to Cameras(Depth Sensor), the Rex is an all knowing king - able to effectively avoid dangers with advance active obstacle tracking.

Multiple Control Options

Keep complete control with 3 easy options: a high-definition touch-screen, a manual cleaning mode, and lastly launch through our LionsClean app!

sustainable & efficient

With a class-leading brush size and larger water tanks, the Rex delivers efficient cleaning a pound-for-pound winner that both you and the planet will love.


The Rex Scrub Specs

Length 1,675 mm/ 65.9”
Width 890 mm/ 34.3”
Height 1,473 mm/ 57.9”
Working Width 810 mm / 31.9” (2 x 16" Brushes/Pads)
Squeegee Width 950 mm / 37.4”
Weight 550 kg / 1,212 lbs
Brush Pressure Up to 80kg / 176 lbs
Maximum Slope 6 degrees (Manual mode only)
Maximum Speed Transport: 0.7 m/s / 1.6 mph
Cleaning: 1.4 m/s / 3.1 mph
Avg. Practical Efficiency 1,700 - 2,500 m²/hr
/ 18,299 - 26,910 ft²/hr
Solution Tank 140 L / 36.9 gal
Waste Water Tank 140 L / 36.9 gal
Chemical Pouch 5 L / 1.3 gal
Defoamer Capacity 1 L / 0.3 gal
Max. Runtime 5 – 6 hrs
Avg. Charging Time 8 – 10 hrs
Avg. Sound Level 75.1 dB
User Control Award-winning LionsClean app, manual or touchscreen
Operation Manual over-ride, autonomous cleaning
Cleaning Mechanism 2x Brushes or Pads, Squeegee

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