About Us

Robotics for better living

LionsBot is a Singaporean robotics company producing cleaning robots as a service for commercial, industrial and public spaces.
We believe in the power of robotics and its potential to transform everyday living and the spaces around us.

Values Are What Make Us


We are serious about our work and products, and we always aim to deliver on our commitments to the highest standards.


Everything we do, we do for the betterment of our clients, the environment and for Singapore.


Change is our constant, and our flexible culture and leadership keeps us ready for anything.


We believe that there's always something new to learn and that there are lessons in failure and in victory.

Origins of Our Name

Lions is derived from the country of our origin, Singapore (also known as The Lion City), and how our robots work together to achieve something great. Bot represents our state-of-the-art robots, professional and effective.

Mission and Vision


Better Cleaning with Robotic Technology,
Better Living for Billions.


We want our robots to transform everyday
living for over 50 million people by 2022.

Meet The Pride

Like a pack of lions, every member of Lionsbot has a role to play towards our common goal. We are here to put Singapore on the global map for robotics. Here are the individuals that make the dream happen.

One Pride One Lionsbot

Join us

How We Began

Dylan and Michelle are the husband and wife team behind SuperSteam Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. With a burning passion for the industry and a vision to create a future with cleaning robots, Dylan sought out many companies in an effort to bring these inventions to life. But the results were less than ideal, and most of the robots did not clean well enough to justify their high prices.

Eventually, they met Dr Mohan Rajesh Elara who was leading a large research team at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). Dr Mohan shared the same dream, and longed to commercialise his research and see his creations used by the public.

Thus, Lionsbot was born with the dream to be a worldclass robotics company that specialised in state-of-the-art cleaning robts, made and designed in Singapore for global deployment.

Since then our team and our dreams have grown. With fresh new faces aboard, we look fearlessly into the horizon with the aim of being the best robotics company in Singapore and to set an example for our fellow local inventors and industry leaders.

What We Believe In

Best Ideas Win

Open discussion is part of how we work, and we will adopt the best ideas regardless of rank or seniority. We believe a healthy and vigorous discussions lead to the best ideas.


We welcome all races, religions, gender, languages, sexual orientation and age groups. We look at the output and not the skin colour, like Singapore, we are fair and meritocratic.


Singapore will always be part of our roots, and our products strive to bring pride to our home country. We want to inspire a generation of robotic engineers and startups to dream big.


Our products are built to last and will never be built as e-waste. They all will perform better than the human equivalent at the same task.


We actively develop our staff and push them to the limits. We also a stepping stone for tertiary students looking to enter the robotics industry with internship opportunities.


We seek win-win partnerships with our suppliers, dealers, and users across the globe. We value relationships, commitment and loyalty.


We value true leadership that can bring the team to new heights. We seek leaders who are humble, open, daring and willing to serve with grit and courage for the mission at hand.


We believe in the strength of our team members. They are chosen by their talent, integrity, stamina, and positivity.

Small Nimble Teams

We keep our development teams to under 12 per team. This allows each person’s contribution to shine through and helps the team communicate more efficiently. Engineers are also kept fresh by being rotated onto different teams with new challenges ever so often.

Dare to Dream

Our ability is only matched by ambition. We will dare to dream, and strive to be the dominant leader in our field.